Welcome to Unblock Your Golf!

Providing a unique new approach to golf fitness through a self-care technique that is an exercise, therapy and mediation all in one. Bringing stressed body tissue back to life.

Swing with ease, breathe and believe.

Welcome to Unblock Your Golf!

Unblock Your Golf offers a unique new approach to achieving increased mobility, reduced pain and better mental focus in your golf game through a unique new bodywork practice called Block Therapy.

Why Unblock Your Golf?

Unblock Your Golf is for you if you refuse to let aging, chronic pain and restricted mobility get in the way of your best golf!  Be good to your body. Achieve increased mobility, reduced pain and better mental focus in your golf game. Experience the awesomeness of this approach through a unique new bodywork practice called Block Therapy.


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Your Golf Body and Fascia

It is well known that a golfer’s body must be flexible to make a full, solid golf swing. However, many flexibility issues arise from restrictions in the connective tissue or “fascia” in your body.  Due to various reasons, the fascia can become “stuck” to the muscles and organs it surrounds. Block Therapy can release these restrictions and let you swing with ease!


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Your Instructor and Coach

Hi there! My name is Tammy Gibson. I am a Certified Block Therapy Instructor and Unblock Your Golf Success Coach, and have been a competitive amateur golfer for the past 30 years. My mission is to help you reach your optimum level of golf fitness and wellbeing so you can play your best golf ever and live life to the fullest!


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“The Secret Ingredient to



Here’s What People Are Saying!

“After 20 years or so of chronic back problems and general pain due to injuries from standing for long periods, repetitive strain of swinging a golf club, general lifestyle habits and undiagnosed pain due to “unknown mechanical dysfunction”, I found Block Therapy offered through Unblock Your Golf. I’ve done a lot of therapies, all good, but nothing long lasting and as simple as Block Therapy. Seems like a lifetime of daily chronic low back pain, stiffness and low back compression gone in a short time!  I feel like playing golf again and my swing is getting back to its more powerful self. I’m doing things again I never dreamed I’d be able to do, like doing heavy physical work. Block Therapy compliments everything I do and it’s so easy and simple to do, like 15 mins a day!  I’m grateful I have a chance to enjoy my golf again and enjoy my life more fully thanks to Block Therapy!”

Barry Gibson PGA of Canada Golf Professional


I was looking for a way to release my spine and strengthen rotation for the golf season so what drew me to “Unblock for Golf” was the promise of passive engagement with no joint impact or risk of injury strain, endorsed by trusted “recovered” golfers.  What has surprised me are the immediate functional and therapeutic benefits I can create through the targeted focus on diaphragmatic breathing.  I am really looking forward to seeing how “Unblock” can optimize sport performance and recovery with the added benefit of daily functionality.   March 2018. 

Karen Yamada, Senior athlete wannabe - for a while yet!

Going to see Tammy at Unblock Your Golf was one of the best experiences I have had.  Before going I felt sluggish and tired with pain in my shoulder.  After one hour spent with her doing block therapy I felt energetic and flexible, as if I had a deep massage.  It was amazing!  Thank you Tammy! 

Annette Durica

I’ve been involved in active sport my whole life.  Now that I’m entering my sixties I naturally attributed my aches and pains to aging and all the mileage over the years.

I know it’s important to stretch and have attempted to take the time after activities.  I’ve attended joint mobility classes, use a foam roller, use a slant board to stretch my Achilles and employ various stretching straps. However, I never really seemed to loosen up.  I felt better, but the aches and tightness would return not long after any self care sessions or post event stretching.  

Recently I was introduced to “blocking” through Unblock Your Golf and have been practicing for approximately 2 months.  I am finding my body is undergoing some terrific changes.  I have much better range of motion in my back and neck along with a number of other physical improvements. I’m experiencing things like, realizing you can rotate your head and shoulders to back out of a parking spot with no pain or stiffness.  Tonight I was playing squash and I could get a better shoulder turn on my backhand strokes. Wow!

My posture is improving and I feel like I can stand up straight without having to try!  The best part is, how much easier it is to swing a golf club!  It just feels like there’s more space to turn and fewer restrictions. Even walking is becoming more comfortable.

 Whether it’s just to feel good or to pursue peak performance in sport I highly recommend Unblock Your Golf.

Brenda Cleverley