The pain! Couldn’t move my neck to the left, pain shooting all along the side of my neck and shoulder.  Where the heck did this come from, and why?  One day I feel great, the next I’m in excruciating pain and can’t turn my head.

About seven years ago the same thing happened on my right side. But I know that was due to poor posture and poor office work habits.  That summer, every swing I took on the golf course hurt.  Not a fun way to play golf.  It took about eight months of treatment to fix that baby!  Since then I’ve smartened up and pay attention to my posture, especially when on the computer.

So now back to my present predicament – the left side of my neck.  Still not sure what caused it, but I got on the block and started doing positions on the ribs, upper body, shoulder, neck and head.  In 2 days pain was 80% gone and range of motion was almost 100% of what it was before.  Block Therapy is such an awesome self-help technique! Saved me days, maybe weeks of pain, as well as the money for treatments. You really need to experience it!  Go to to learn more.