Why Unblock Your Golf

Why Unblock Your Golf

Do you love to play golf? There’s something about this crazy game that draws us in.  If you’re a die-hard golfer, you know what I mean.  Its you against the course.  You conquer it, or it conquers you.  They say golf imitates life, it brings out every emotion you will ever experience in life.  But…over time it can also wreck havoc on your body.  As we age it gets harder to get our bodies into that ideal golf posture and swing with the same power.  We all want to continue to enjoy the game…without having aches and pains, loss of energy or mental fatigue which creeps in as the years go by.

Unblock Your Golf can give you back your energy, improve your strength and keep your passion for the game!  It’s like the “golfer fountain of youth”!  Whether you are a competitive golfer, weekend golfer, beginner or advanced player, Unblock Your Golf can change your life!

Unblock Your Golf harnesses the unique and revolutionary bodywork practice called Block Therapy to release restrictions at the deepest level and lets your body move with ease.

While other body work practices are of help to us in the short term, nothing really alleviates the chronic pain and restrictions in the long term like Block Therapy.  It gets at the root cause of our chronic pain and other joint issues and releases fascia adhesions at the deepest level in our tissue.  It gives us improved flexibility and mobility, increased strength and allows us to swing with ease. There are other health benefits as well:

  • improved posture
  • increased calmness and relaxation
  • increased level of energy
  • weight loss
  •  improved digestion and elimination

But here’s the really great thing about this!
• You can do this yourself.
• All you need is 15 minutes a day to see results.
• You don’t need to be a golfer to benefit from this, Block Therapy is for everyone!


Swing with ease, breathe and believe.