Your Golf Body and Fascia


What is Fascia?

It is well known that a golfer’s body must be flexible to make a full, solid golf swing. So as a golfer, how do you gain and maintain flexibility?  Stretching alone isn’t always enough. Many flexibility and range of motion issues stem from restrictions in the fascia throughout your body. Fascia is soft connective tissue beneath the skin. It attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates every muscle, nerve, blood vessel and organ in your body. It is essentially the structure that holds everything together. Due to aging, poor posture and other reasons, the fascia can become “stuck or glued” to the muscles and organs it surrounds. These adhesions can restrict muscle function.  This in turn will affect your range of motion.

Stretching alone is not enough to break up these fascial adhesions. And not every golfer can afford multiple hours of fascia release massage with a massage therapist. There are some self-help release techniques out there such as using a foam roller or hard ball. But these don’t reach deep enough to get at the underlying restrictions, and they don’t seem to last. But Block Therapy does!

What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is different and unique. Block Therapy is a self-help bodywork practice that releases restrictions in tissue by melting through the adhesions that develop over time.  It releases these restrictions at the deepest level and lets you swing with ease!  Block Therapy causes three things to happen that creates change in your body:

It Creates Space – When we age we lose the space in our tissue. Compression of the fascia blocks blood and oxygen flow and prevents the cells from being properly cleaned. This creates restriction in mobility, preventing full range of motion for your golf swing. Block Therapy releases the adhesions allowing you to swing with ease, resulting in a better golf game.

It Inflates that space – Instruction on proper diaphragmatic breathing is the driver of this process. It turns on the internal furnace, optimizing the melting effect. The adhesions in the fascia are heated and melted, and the space created is inflated with oxygen. Proper breathing affects not only tissue health, but also creates a peaceful internal environment giving you that competitive edge.

It Maintains that space – Understanding how to use your body correctly and having a strong, properly aligned foundation is crucial to maintaining cellular health for your golf game. An unstable base affects your golf swing. Learning proper foundations brings stability and balance to your game.

If you have an existing fitness regime, get on the Block Buddy first before moving onto more dynamic, golf-specific exercises. It is critical that this first step is taken. Without fascia release it is very difficult, if not impossible, to gain the necessary mobility in your joints.

Read More About Your Body and Fascia

There are many great websites out there that talk about Fascia, I have provided a few links for you below.  Enjoy!

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